Data Migrations

Instant Transfer Of Data From All

Your Existing Systems

Is your data in Excel spreadsheets? An SQL database? Or what about an outdated lease tracking solution, and you’re looking for an upgrade?


With Visual Lease, migrating your data into our solution from your existing systems — whatever they may be — is easier than you ever imagined.

As Simple As Click


If you have data in spreadsheets or a system, we can migrate that data to Visual Lease easily via one-time migration. If you have your data in documents — no problem! We can provide templates for extracting the data from those documents and uploading it, with one click. Or you can work with our expert lease abstraction team to get it all into your system.

Visual Lease provides different templates for different types of users and different business units. That means real estate, finance, technical accounting, and other organizations can still manage their own data. Plus, you have the ability to bring in data from various sources — all with one click:

  • Discount rates for FASB & IASB calculations, managed by asset class, organization, and timing considerations

  • Currency tables

  • Asset accounting data — FMV, useful life, and more

  • Sale formulas, including percentage rent

  • Vendor contacts

  • Legal summary data, such as options

With over 20 years of experience, we have migrated customers from dozens of lease tracking systems, including real estate broker systems and Oracle. In addition to these standard, out-of-the-box data migration practices, we can create a custom migration for your homegrown system.