Enterprise Lease Accounting Platform

Ensuring compliance with both IFRS16 and Local GAAP for more than 700 corporations


Personalized Lease Accounting 

Our lease accounting and lease administration software specifically designed to manage your company’s real estate and equipment leases. Loved by users worldwide, it embeds decades of deep lease management and financial accounting expertise. It is intuitive, easy to use and integrates with all major ERP systems. Recommended by all major global accounting firms, it gives you complete control over your leases and keeps you compliant with IFRS 16 and local GAAP accounting standards.

If you’re looking for a lease administration solution that does more than manage real estate leases, then look no further. As a comprehensive lease accounting software, leverage this tech tool for everything from payment or lease structure management, to business intelligence reports that provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions now, and in the future.


Check out some of the industry-changing features embedded in our software solution below.



  • Manage company real estate leases

  • Manage company equipment leases

  • Access the software anywhere, anytime

  • Benefit from an integration capability with all major ERP systems

  • Guaranteed compliance with US GAAP and international IFRS 16 standards

  • Access cloud-technology for seamless access worldwide

  • Generate Customized reports

  • Leverage business intelligence intel and analytics

  • Manage payment audits



We made this software with a variety of industries in mind. If you work in:

  • Financial services

  • Energy

  • Retail

  • Health care

  • Manufacturing and logistics

  • Technology


And so forth, then this accounting software will seamlessly integrate into your lease management structure. Due to its versatile compatibility, our software can also be used between departments and factions within corporations and multi-national networks.


Compliance Guarantees

For the global community, we guarantee IFRS 16 compliance within our software solution. This permanent change is coming quickly, which means it’s time to migrate data, streamline lease abstraction, classify leases, perform required calculations, and do it all within a manageable timeline.


We help you maintain compliance through:

  • Data migration services in native languages

  • Lease organization

  • Required calculations for lease classifications

  • Journal entry creation for multiple GL systems

  • Real-time excel reports you can share with your team


It’s time to outsource financial lease management to a software that will understand your company better than you do. Let technology into the equation with Visual Lease today.

Day One: Compliance

Support for both IFRS 16 and local GAAP (ASC 842)

  • Global Standards: Multiple parallel set-of-books reporting for IFRS and local GAAP.

  • Asset-Level: Journal entries to support complex equipment leasing scenarios

  • ERP Upload: Integration with SAP and Oracle general ledger, AP, and fixed asset systems

  • Financial Reporting: Push-button reporting for SEC 10-K filings and disclosures

Day Two: Automation


  • Lease Management: Mid-term events and end-of-term renewals, buyouts, and terminations

  • Modifications: Tracking of events triggering modifications and reassessments

  • Disclosure Reporting: Payment schedule, amortization, and maturity analysis reporting

  • SOX Audits: Electronic audit trail of all activities throughout the lease lifecycle

Lease Solutions for Every Portfolio

Track any type of asset – from real estate to equipment.  Automatically classify Finance and Operating leases with our built-in test.


Real Estate

Real estate leases can include hundreds of legal, operational and financial data points, all of which can be tracked in our software.



Track IT equipment, machinery, fleet vehicles, aircraft, land, medical devices, vineyards and other unique assets.



Provides guidance in calculating the correct useful life and amortization of leased assets.



Aids in the creation of asset and liability balances and calculates straight-line rent expense.

General Ledger, ERP, and Accounts Payable Integrations

We have extensive lease accounting functionality, which allows it to serve as a subledger to your general ledger for lease transactions. In addition, we allow for the creation of one-time and recurring journal entries that can be transmitted to your organization’s ERP system.


See a live demo and learn about the Zithus advantage.

See how Visual Lease and Zithus can help ensure your compliance with

IFRS 16 / NIIF 16 and Local GAAP (ASC 842).

100% IFRS 16 / NIIS 16 and ASC 842 Compliant 


To comply with the new lease accounting standards, many organizations are looking for ways to better manage their lease accounting practices. To meet the needs of both the accounting and the real estate teams, the lease administration and lease accounting applications must work closely together.

Our software provides a lease administration and accounting solution together to ensure all parties are kept informed of decisions that impact them.