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Our mission is to launch, support and manage the best quality assurance teams to keep your product healthy and shiny. TechsMX always keeps up with the latest software testing technologies and best practices. We have vast experience in QA outsourcing that helps us to work on projects of any complexity with clients worldwide. Outsource your software testing to TechsMX and receive your own team of professional QA specialists.

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Our Testing Services



Nowadays almost everyone uses cell phones, but unfortunately about 25% of users delete an app after a single use and never reinstall it, which means that all the efforts, time and money spent on the app development were simply in vain. How to reduce this alarming rate? We leverage both comprehensive manual review and mobile app automation testing to solve this issue.

Before you can start executing, you need a QA strategy that is cut out for mobile applications. Having a mobile-specific QA strategy is critical and should include additional testing efforts around network connectivity, screen resolution and orientation, and device form factor.  Our test engineers investigate and test both functional and non-functional app features, as well as mobile technology specifics (mobile gestures, numerous operation systems and screen resolutions) and various external factors that may hamper the app work (network conditions, interruptions by calls, SMS and more).


With tight project deadlines, testing your future web solution may seem a burden that does not get much attention in the end. TechsMX’s specialists are ready to test every functional and non-functional aspect of your web solution to make your website or web application convenient, user-friendly and secure regardless of the operating systems, platforms and browsers your target audience uses. 


Example testing we provide:

Navigation and structure

We assess how easy it is to navigate your application and help to identify complex, unclear, and inconvenient navigation components.

Workflows and scenarios

We test how a solution’s usability influences performing basic and advanced tasks, ensure that a user can complete the scenarios doing operations in your application.

Content accessibility

We assess how convenient the arrangement of GUI elements is, whether text and background colors are suitable, check the compliance with such standards as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and Section 508, if applicable.

Load testing

We check system behavior under a set of expected load variations that help identify a number of connections the system can handle while delivering a certain response time. We also detect system bottlenecks and determine which system element is causing them.

Stress testing

We identify the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load. Then we check whether it will perform sufficiently if the current load goes above the expected maximum. This helps to plan the potential outrages that can result in new system connections.

Scalability testing

ScienceSoft measures the capability of a system to scale as more load is applied to it. We help to understand at which point the system stops scaling and identify the reasons for this. Results of scalability testing can be used to plan for future growth and avoid over-investment in hardware.

Stability testing

ScienceSoft checks whether the system remains stable over an extended time span (including 24/7 operation). This helps evaluate the risk of downtime to plan maintenance activities.


Our test automation services include implementation of a wide set of testing and around-testing components – from test automation planning and tool selection to the construction and maintenance of a test automation environment, implementation of automated test data preparation, design and maintenance of all types of automated test scripts and more.

Our dedicated test automation engineers use their experience in automated UI, API, performance testing with only trusted test automation tools empowering businesses to accelerate releases while increasing regression testing coverage and finding more defects before production.


Taking into account software requirements, development, QA and deployment processes, we build a holistic test automation strategy or an entire test strategy with test automation roadmap as its core. As a part of this, we:

  • Define the automation scope.

  • Decide on the levels of testing to employ, testing tool and test automation architecture that will bring maximum ROI.

  • Plan test data preparation, test design and development, test maintenance, integration of test automation into CI/CD, etc.

  • Help to align the test automation strategy to the application evolution and business strategies.

Setup and Configuration

We prepare the right test environment to smoothly run test cases for all targeted platforms, devices and browsers and ensure appropriate resource monitoring.

Test Data

We set up automated preparation of structured and comprehensive data input and output combinations for both automated tests and manual tests.

Automated Testing (Selenium / Appium)

We plan and design test cases, write and maintain scripts for robust and reliable automated checks of new features and regression testing via UI.

Performance Testing

We plan and design test cases, develop and maintain scripts for automated performance tests for all layers of your application and all supporting systems (load balancers, databases, networks, etc.).

Some of our Tools

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