Turnkey Compliance

When you demand only the best support, and time is of the essence

Visual Lease is extremely intuitive and easy to use.  However, sometimes you need a helping hand.  When your team is already busy and the IFRS 16 / NIIF 16 compliance projects  must be completed no matter what.  Zithus can help.

Our team of real estate, lease accounting, and technology experts will guide your through the process, even collecting your data for you to ensure you are compliant by the deadline.  With our Turnkey Compliance option we will partner with to you toa achieve the following:

  • Provision and Configure Visual Lease

  • Abstract and Import Lease Information

  • Validate Lease Data

  • Generate Disclosure Reports

  • Integrate Visual Lease with your ERP

  • Support Internal and External Audit Functions

  • Access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Tighter SLA related to responsiveness

  • Partner-level access for complex issues

  • Inclusion in product focus groups

  • Discounts on training, consulting and other services